Executive Director, Imtiaz Consultancy Limited, CX Stars Top 100, UK CXA, Judge Official

Czarina Sheikh Mathew

Czarina has a career history spanning over 25 years, accountable for customer experience across sales & service with progressive and dynamic organisations. With substantial experience as a Senior Leader, Service Delivery Professional and Customer Champion, she has developed and executed strategy to enhance the customer journey, turning Fires into Friends. Sectors include IT, Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Telecoms and Local Government.

A particular sweet spot is promoting cross-functional collaboration to drive cultural transformation, delivering change and continuous improvement. Czarina believes an employee-first approach today will create a successful customer-centric organisation tomorrow. Happy Staff = Happy Customers!

Being customer-intelligent is not only about profit improvement, it is also important to focus on cost management. With this in mind, one of Czarina’s key focus areas for 2021 is to identify cost savings for clients in order to release funds to re-invest in the employee and customer experience, providing support through the pandemic and beyond.

Listed in the Top 100 Customer Experience Professionals for 2021, Judge at the UK Customer Experience Awards 2020, Executive & Team Coach and Corporate Trainer.


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